Bird In Hand Antique Market & Old Village Store

  • Jams & jellies,
  • apple butter
  • Bird Houses & planters
  • Metal
  •  kitchen gadgets
  • Belts & leather
  • Sweet Corn & other produce
  • Oil lamps & crocks

Lancaster PA's best

Locally grown.

Corn, melons, tomatoes, & more

Esther is a local Artist that makes art out of polymer clay.  she makes jewlery & Amish Figurines.  This is the only store to get her original art & reproductions that are hand signed.  

​Watch Esther Work Wednesday-Saturdays on site

Jacob King Pottery Studio

An Amish Pottery maker.

open daily for sales.

Watch Jacob spin on site some days

We will ship his pottery


43 Antique dealers under 1 roof

Open daily, 9am-5pm 

1000-s of Antiques on 3 levels

Plants & Produce

Esther O'Hara​ Gallery


We are open year round



Hardware Store

Our Products: